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Goa at A Glance

Goa Beaches
The beaches of Goa are the highlights of travel in this state, making Goa the premier beach vacation destination.

Goa Culture
The people of Goa love to sing and dance. Songs and dance are part of every Goan's life.

Goa Tourism
One of the best destination in India. Goa presents an ideal profile to tourism in india.

Churches of Goa

Goa Holidays India > Goa Tourism > Religious Places > Catholic Churches

Basilica of Bom Jesus
The Basilica of Bom Jesu is known to all as the Church in Goa. Attached to it there is a large 3-storeyed building to which in all probability we do not give a second look. And yet it was originally the main building -- the Cassa Professa and Bom Jesu was attached to it as its Church. The "Professed House" according to Jesuit law is one which is intended for the exercise of the ministries of the Society and should be conspicuous for the exactness of the Jesuit way of life. Such houses were few by far and it speaks much that as early as 1585 one was established in Goa. The Jesuits in such houses had to live purely on alms.

Churches of Goa, Goa  Religious  TourCollegiate Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

As you approach Old Goa from Panaji, your eyes fall on a fortress like building that rises above the vegetation on the hill. It is the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary built on the spot from which Afonso de Albuquerque directed the re-conquest of Goa on 25 November 1510. In the time of Francis Xavier this was an isolated church on the outskirts of the city, a short quarter of an hour from the centre. Appalled by the ignorance of religious matters in the city, the saint would go with a little bell through the streets and gather children, slaves of both sexes and adults and lead them in a column to the Church of the Rosary. There standing before the altar he taught them their prayers and instructed them in their faith for about two hours at a stretch everyday. More than 300 would frequently listen to him with rapt attention. On Sundays and feast days the crowds were so great that the church could never hold them all.

Built in the style of St. Peterís Basilica in Rome in c.1655 AD near the Viceroy's Arch at Old Goa, it is well maintained and a splendid example of Christian architecture. It was built by Italian friars of the Order of Theatines who were sent by the Pope Urban III. Now known as the Church of the Divine Providence. A pastoral college for newly ordained priests is adjacent to it.

It is one of the oldest buildings in Panaji. Founded before 1541 and rebuilt in 1619, it is the focal point of the city's religious feasts.

Built in 1544-49 at Old Goa in Manueline style, it is the oldest remaining church in Goa. This was built in fulfilment of a vow taken by Afonso de Albuquerque during fight with the Bijapur forces. It bears an inscription about the conquest of Goa by Afonso de Albuquerque in 1510.

Church & Convent of St. Monica
This huge, three-storied laterite building was commenced in 1606 and completed in 1627. Once known as the Royal Monastery on account of the royal patronage, which it enjoyed, the building is now used by the Mater dei Institute as a nunnery, which was inaugurated in 1964.The Church of Mae de Deus -At Saligao Bardez, 13 kms. Built in 1873, is situated amidst picturesque surroundings. The shrine of the miraculous statue of Mae de Deus (Mother of God) was brought from the ruins of the convent of Mae de Deus at Old Goa. This beautiful church is the finest piece of gothic style.

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Goa at A Glance

Goa Hotels
Goa Offers unforgottable experiences for accommodations. variety of Five Star,Four Star, Deluxe, & luxury hotels makes this place unbeleveable to stay.

Goa Holidays
Spending your holidays in Goa is the another world class experiences in traveling. Goa is a worth visit place in india.

Goa Packages
Taj & other five Star Hotels in Goa offers various seasonal holiday packages time to time.

Goa Tours
Goa is famous for fantastic sunny & sandy Beaches. Take a tours to goa and explore everything it has.

Goa Weather
Goa experiences a lovely & relaxing climate. Just the type needed for you to chill out and have some fun.

Goa Churches
Church building was one of the main occupations of the early Portuguese and in fact one of Vasco da Gama's main missions for finding the sea route to India.

Goa Cuisines
Goa is the home of the famous Vindaloo, originally an extra-hot and sour pork curry, but now made with a variety of meat and fish.

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