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Goa at A Glance

Goa Beaches
The beaches of Goa are the highlights of travel in this state, making Goa the premier beach vacation destination.

Goa Culture
The people of Goa love to sing and dance. Songs and dance are part of every Goan's life.

Goa Tourism
One of the best destination in India. Goa presents an ideal profile to tourism in india.

Lifestyle of Goa

Goa Holidays India > Goa Tourism > Lifestyle

Goa is on the west coast of India situated between the borders of Maharastra and Karnataka. It is better known to the world at large as the former Portuguese enclave on the Indian soil.

Goans live life in style. That is in short Goan life style. Rich or not so rich, they do not equate life with money. Goans work and earn and spend in dress, food, entertainment and festivals. Goans love rest. Their life is peaceful, not driven by modern day sentiments, anxieties, tensions and other ills of a fast life.

They are deeply religious. They follow family tradition and celebrate festivals with much religious fervour. Yet they are secular-minded. Goans share their joys and sorrows with others, cutting across religious barriers. In villages, during festivals, the whole village takes part irrespective of caste or religion and becomes a big family.

Food is their love. Pao, the bread, is ubiquitous throughout Goa. A gift of the Portuguese, Pao has become an essential part of food habit. Fish is another favourite and a must in a Goan's plate. Sea-food is a speciality.

Another Portuguese connection is that there is no prohibition in Goa. Goa's famous contribution is fenny, the drink prepared from the cashew apple. Fenny preparation is in fact a cottage industry in Goa. In villages, fenny is prepared in many a house. Drink is also cheaper than in other parts of India. Yet Goans drink within control.

Dance and Music is in their blood and tradition. Goans dance to the maddening lilting tune of Latino music and sing together. At the same time Indian classical music is so dear to the Goans that theirs is the land that produced some of the most revered names of Indian classical music.

With its significant Portuguese influence, Goa is considered unique compared to any other part of India. The proportion of Christians in the total population of Goa is much higher than that in most of the other States; the general way of living is also significantly different. Goa is more heavily influenced by the West; the people are relaxed and casual. Goans speak English, Konkani, Marathi and Portuguese. The majority of Goans are Hindus, but there are a significant minority of Christians and some Muslims.

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Goa at A Glance

Goa Hotels
Goa Offers unforgottable experiences for accommodations. variety of Five Star,Four Star, Deluxe, & luxury hotels makes this place unbeleveable to stay.

Goa Holidays
Spending your holidays in Goa is the another world class experiences in traveling. Goa is a worth visit place in india.

Goa Packages
Taj & other five Star Hotels in Goa offers various seasonal holiday packages time to time.

Goa Tours
Goa is famous for fantastic sunny & sandy Beaches. Take a tours to goa and explore everything it has.

Goa Weather
Goa experiences a lovely & relaxing climate. Just the type needed for you to chill out and have some fun.

Goa Churches
Church building was one of the main occupations of the early Portuguese and in fact one of Vasco da Gama's main missions for finding the sea route to India.

Goa Cuisines
Goa is the home of the famous Vindaloo, originally an extra-hot and sour pork curry, but now made with a variety of meat and fish.

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